I am an avid photographer. I own the Canon EOS 1200D DSLR with the 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm lenses. The fascinatingly beautiful campus that IIT Madras was, it proved to be paradise for the wildlife photographer and nature lover in me. I post semi-regularly on 500px and Instagram.


Lately, I have taken to writing down my thoughts on issues that interest me. I find that writing helps me develop better clarity in my thoughts and opinions, and helps me think more critically. As my PhD supervisor would probably agree, I have some ways to go before I can consider myself a good writer! But I hope to sustain this habit and improve. You can find my writing here on Medium (although I do maintain a copy of those posts on the Blog page on this website).


From the original Indian version of the game “chaturanga” to becoming a benchmark for artificial intelligence, chess has survived about 1500 years through periods of time where humanity has witnessed immense change. In the history of humanity, there has perhaps never been a more iconic game. Cultural references to this great game are just about everywhere – movies, TV shows, poetry, books and even modern geopolitics. Go and Shogi are perhaps the only other such examples, but the widespread popularity of Chess all across the planet – in the age of incredible computer games of all genres – is something that I find fascinating. I only started playing a couple of years ago, so I am no Master. But if you are someone that enjoys the game, feel free to hit me up on Lichess!