Science & Technology Policy

My interest in S&T policy dates back to the Spring of 2021, when I attended an S&T policy class that was taught by Prof. Rosina Bierbaum and Prof. Jim Gates, both members of President Obama’s PCAST. There, I had the opportunity to interact and discuss U.S. S&T policy with renowned experts in the field, including Dr. John Holdren, President Obama’s OSTP Director.

From then on, I have taken part in a number of S&T policy activities, including policy workshops, case competitions and grassroots-level advocacy groups. I enjoy communicating science to policy-makers and helping them frame effective policy that helps strengthen investments in science, education and STEM workforce. I also enjoy writing about science, and I strongly believe that consistent and healthy government funding of academic research in all fundamental and applied sciences is essential for creating new technologies that are capable of solving the greatest of our collective challenges.

If you are interested, here is a brief list of my recent adventures in the world of S&T policy:

More information on my S&T policy experience available upon request.