I've realized that I tend to enjoy writing longer form self-contained articles more than short and interspersed articles. As a result, I don't end up writing and posting too frequently. You are welcome to follow me on Medium if you'd like to get notified; I post my articles here as well as on Medium.



Finding Meaning in Your PhD Struggles

16 minute read


4 years ago, if I had known all that I’d have to give up to be able to do my PhD, if I had known the impact that it would have on my mental health, and if I had known the struggles that came with it, I probably would’ve hesitated to go to grad school. Today, all of those things have become my lived reality. In this article that I wrote for @thefacultypub on Medium, I draw on lessons from Logotherapy, developed and pioneered by Viktor Frankl, and I share my thoughts on how I was able to find meaning in my struggles and better cope with them. Read more

Curiosity, Ignorance, and How to Spot Pseudoscience

15 minute read


We live in an age where despite the unprecedented ease of access to information and facts, misinformation and pseudoscience have a tremendous impact on our lives. From anti-vaxxers in the US to miracle cures of the coronavirus in India, pseudoscience is seemingly everywhere. The battle against this trend is not one that can be won by scientists alone. It requires collective action. In this article, I wrote down my thoughts on pseudoscience and listed some popular tips on how one can spot it. Read more

What to Look for in a Potential PhD Advisor

12 minute read


Grad school (PhD) is hard. A particularly tricky yet important aspect is mentorship and academic supervision. A PhD advisor greatly influences the graduate school experience (and chances of success) of a student. Choosing an advisor can be a confusing process, yet it is one that the student must get right. Now that I have the benefit of hindsight – and while my grad school experiences are still fresh in memory – I have written down some thoughts on this subject. Read more

Hopeful for a better tomorrow

10 minute read


The times that we live in can seem paradoxical. As I write this during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing deep uncertainty but also immense potential, great challenges but also promising solutions, and extreme inequality but also increasing prosperity. In this blog article, I write about some of the social challenges facing our societies today, about hope, optimism, the role of the scientific method and collective, inclusive action. Read more